Sleep Sensing is a new innovation in the latest version of Google Nest Hub …
… Google introduces Sleep Sensing in the new Google Nest Hub …

Google Launches Sleep Monitoring Technology

New Nest Hub “Sleep Sensing” application provides an array of rest quality monitoring measurements

Sleep Sensing works in several ways to measure rest quality levels

  • Breathing
  • Coughing
  • Lighting changes
  • Movement
  • Room temperature changes
  • Snoring
Google Second Generation Nest Hub

Google technology in action

  • Duration
  • Quality
  • Schedule
Google Healthcare

Consumer privacy is fully accounted for by Sleep Sensing

Many types of consumers can benefit from Nest Hub’s sleep monitoring support

  • The 9-to-5 crowd that wants to verify they are getting appropriate rest
  • Swing shift careerists in manufacturing, police, fire, medical, mining, public transit, media, casino, hospitality, airlines and military roles with alternating sleep schedules
  • Amateur and professional athletes who carefully calculate their sleep just as they do calories, physical workouts and other elements of training
  • Individuals experiencing chronic or episodic insomnia that wish to monitor their activity and rest balance
  • Persons experiencing peaks and troughs of stressfulness in their personal and/or professional lives that impact the quality of their sleep

The new Nest Hub from Google is a valuable wellness resource in a competitive market

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