Sleep Sensing is a new innovation in the latest version of Google Nest Hub …
… Google introduces Sleep Sensing in the new Google Nest Hub …

New Nest Hub “Sleep Sensing” application provides an array of rest quality monitoring measurements

John G. Baresky

Sleep Sensing works in several ways to measure rest quality levels

The new Nest Hub Sleep Sensing application monitors and compiles data from several human rest and rest environment factors that impact sleep.

  • Coughing
  • Lighting changes
  • Movement
  • Room temperature changes
  • Snoring
Google Second Generation Nest Hub
Google Second Generation Nest Hub

Google technology in action

Google is a global leader in finding new and innovative ways to apply technology in clinical and consumer healthcare.

  • Quality
  • Schedule
Google Healthcare
Google Healthcare

Consumer privacy is fully accounted for by Sleep Sensing

Nest Hub keeps much of the sleep monitoring data, including audio and radar data, local to the user. Composite data in summary form is sent to Google servers and it has no plans to commercialize it through targeted advertising.

Many types of consumers can benefit from Nest Hub’s sleep monitoring support

Getting the appropriate amount of quality sleep is pivotal for mental and physical well-being. Mind and body need time to rest and rebuild. Many people are unaware of the impact that sleep quality has on their total wellness.

  • Swing shift careerists in manufacturing, police, fire, medical, mining, public transit, media, casino, hospitality, airlines and military roles with alternating sleep schedules
  • Amateur and professional athletes who carefully calculate their sleep just as they do calories, physical workouts and other elements of training
  • Individuals experiencing chronic or episodic insomnia that wish to monitor their activity and rest balance
  • Persons experiencing peaks and troughs of stressfulness in their personal and/or professional lives that impact the quality of their sleep

The new Nest Hub from Google is a valuable wellness resource in a competitive market

Nest Hub’s convenient and helpful sleep monitoring features are a prime example of how technology continues to have a growing role in healthcare.

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