Amazon launches its new Halo fitness tracker wearable
How Will Amazon’s Halo Disrupt The Fitness Tracker And Wearables Marketplace?


The innovative wearable from Amazon can profile body fat and analyze the tone of your voice!

John G. Baresky

Halo has already differentiated itself from competitors

Unlike the other wearables in the market, Halo doesn’t feature a screen nor does it feature cellular radio, GPS or Wi-Fi. Moving on from those gaps it does offer the usual wearable monitoring features that align with exercise, sleep, various vital signs like cardio and temperature. It also features an LED light.

How “wearable” is the Halo?

The core Halo unit is essentially a sensor module without a screen accompanied by a band that snaps into it from the top. For now, the bands come in 3 colors (black, light blue and soft pink) and it’s certain more colors and styles are on the way. Amazon says the battery will last a week and that the sensor module is water-resistant up to 5ATM.

How clinical is Halo?

It is not a medical device, at least not in its present configuration, like the Verily Life Sciences (Alphabet/Google) Study Watch. The FDA has not reviewed it. If Amazon intends to go in the direction of an FDA-approved medical device indication with Halo it has a ways to go but it’s off to a good start.

EHR giant Cerner is collaborating with Amazon on Halo

Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN) and Amazon have already entered into an agreement that would enable consumers to share their personal Halo data with their healthcare providers.

Amazon is partnering with other companies to further amp up the features of the Halo wearable

The $3.99 monthly subscription will provide Halo users to access various health and wellness applications. These include exercise routines, meditation, sleep and other programs. Undoubtedly Amazon can cultivate ongoing marketing buzz for Halo as new applications are introduced to it. Looking ahead the Halo is the throwdown challenge Amazon is making to the wearables market.

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