HCA Healthcare and Google sign patient data analytics deal
… HCA and Google team up in healthcare data deal …

HCA and Google Sign Patient Data Analytics Deal

Data-driven patient care reflects healthcare industry trends

John G. Baresky

HCA generates an enormous amount of data that represents a treasure trove of clinical insights

Founded in 1969, HCA operates 184 hospitals and roughly 2,000 other point-of-care patient service facilities, including various physician practices, surgery centers, and urgent care practices located in 21 states plus the UK.

HCA Hospital Corporaton of America
HCA Hospital Corporaton of America

The raw computing power and precision data analytics of Alphabet is a pivotal resource for the healthcare industry

Alphabet’s healthcare industry business strategy continues to unfold. The data-heavy initiative with HCA aligns perfectly with its Google Cloud Healthcare business unit that is amply fortified with computing power. The combination of its analytic and technical staff with HCA’s clinical and healthcare data teams is formidable tandem.

Google Cloud Healthcare
Google Cloud Healthcare

Patient data privacy and security will be accounted for

All data shared by HCA with Google will be completely de-identified. All patient privacy regulatory standards will be fully met and maintained. Security measures will also be in place to prevent inadvertent or malicious system intrusions from happening.

The promising potential of HCA and Google

Patient care continues to excel but as it does, it often becomes more complex and costly. The data exercises HCA and Google deploy can have a major impact on the quality of care and its expenses as new insights are generated. Patients, clinicians, payers and investors have much to look forward to as these two companies join forces to ask and answer some of the toughest questions in healthcare.

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