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… Verily Life Sciences advances further into patient care with population health initiatives with the Veterans Administration Health System and Atrius Health …


John G. Baresky

Alphabet and Verily Life Sciences advancing further into patient care data analytics

Alphabet ( NASDAQ: GOOGL ) announced its Verily Life Sciences business unit is collaborating with California Veterans Affairs VA Palo Alto Healthcare System and Atrius Health, a nonprofit health-care organization based in Auburndale, Massachusetts.

California Veterans Administration Health System Palo Alto

The California VA initiative centers on three aspects of patient care:

  • Knee replacements
  • Heart attacks

Atrius Health

The Atrius Health project involves heart failure data and other patient health information analytics to gain insights that improve interventions. Its goal is to improve heart failure patient care by enhancing patient monitoring and other care support. The goal is to avoid ongoing cardiovascular episodes that result in emergency room visits and further aspects of acute critical care.

Alphabet is growing its clinical and business healthcare enterprises

The VA Health System and Atrius Health partnerships are just two of many healthcare initiatives Alphabet and its subsidiaries Google Health and Verily Life Sciences are involved with.

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