Walgreens is a global leader in pharmacy and healthcare services
… Walgreens continues to deliver value for patients, consumers, employers, payers and investors …


Paying investor dividends for over 85 straight years; Walgreens continues to thrive and innovate as a 100-plus-year-old global healthcare enterprise…

Please note that by March 31st Walgreens had expanded its delivery service to all of its stores nationwide — read how Walgreens and Postmates formed their partnership and ramped up from 15 initial markets to national coverage in a few short weeks…

Excellence in pharmacy operations: Walgreens

Ready, set, go: the Walgreens Postmate tandem chose two of the most challenging test tracks in the nation

15 major U.S. cities with more to come soon

Walgreens evaluating drone delivery options with Alphabet/Google subsidiary Wing Aviation

A continual thirst for growth and a hunger to compete, Walgreens went public in 1927 (NASDAQ: WBA) and has paid dividends on its stock for over 85 years

Walgreens: Driving value for customers, partners and investors

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