Walgreens and DoorDash Launch New Delivery Service Partnership
Walgreens and DoorDash Launch New Delivery Service Partnership
… Walgreens Strengthens Nationwide Delivery Services To Better Serve Consumers And Investors …


Walgreens fortifies its commitment to consumers, patients and investors while DoorDash widens the scale and scope of its services to enhance its IPO position in the future

John G. Baresky

DoorDash gains greater notoriety and more revenue plus a wider growth path through collaborating with Walgreens

Walgreens and DoorDash are launching their program in these three markets:

  • Chicago
  • Denver

Walgreens is a leading contender in pharmacy, consumer retail and other global healthcare market sectors

The COVID-19 pandemic plus ongoing e-commerce versus retail competition that encompasses same-day delivery options provided by other companies like Kroger, Target, Walmart plus Amazon and its PillPack online pharmacy is driving organizations to increase convenience. Walgreens is competitively leveraging their retail pharmacies (over 9,200 in the United States) through a service and marketing strategy to always be on-call to support consumers across the nation.

Global competitors and investors always have their eyes on Walgreens

Having paid a dividend for 85 continuous years, Walgreens strives to grow its revenue by providing value to its customers and investors. The latest partnership deal with DoorDash exemplifies a Walgreens strategy to not only partner with other companies but also extend its access to more customers and increase its sales transactions through more channels. Since its founding in 1901, Walgreens continues to transform its business model to better serve the healthcare community, patients, consumers and Wall Street.

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