Keep Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Initiatives Swimming Ahead Of The Competition!

Ten Healthcare Digital Marketing Actions To Improve ROI -John G. Baresky

A Marketplace Fluid With Change Offers Challenges And Opportunities For Strategic Digital Marketing And Sales Initiatives

Consumers, patients, clinicians, payers and other stakeholders across the healthcare industry coexist in a digital ocean of information sharing and data generation. Healthcare marketers of products and services live here as well and seek to maintain existing connections with customers and make new ones as more digital marketing options and venues emerge. Customer preferences, new digital technology and advancements in healthcare have a shared inertia healthcare marketers have to furiously paddle in to effectively compete. These are 10 recommendations to increase sales and ROI while keeping your healthcare digital marketing initiatives swimming ahead of the competition.

…According to the Content Marketing Institute, 55% of B2B marketers are unclear on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like; only 32% of B2B marketers say they have a documented content marketing…

…Based on information from Econsultancy, only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates…

Strategic Technical Spending Guides Digital Marketing

Review existing expenditures on basic technical budgets. Revisit IT contracts, hardware costs, programming and other vendor arrangements; assertively negotiate for lower prices and/or more services. Funding made available from these tangible cost reductions can be applied to existing or new digital initiatives and adding more services can reinforce them.

Clinical / Financial Connection

Healthcare is “clinical and financial”. Review your content and medical information made available to consumers, patients, clinicians and other stakeholders. Is your content a resource for audience decision-makers and is it readily accessible? A proven way to establish leadership in healthcare is to promote the deep clinical and financial value of a brand and the company’s expertise; authenticate it through your digital presence.

Fine-Tune Functionality

Does your website function as it should? Like a house, a website can always use a little work somewhere. A hinge squeaks, a window doesn’t open/close easily, a storm door doesn’t latch, a kitchen drawer sticks. Find these quirks in your website, you probably already know where they are. Fix the issues before others emerge; avoid having ongoing website maintenance turn into an overhaul.

Dark Social Insights

Few healthcare companies have a formal way to look behind the curtain to know how content and other brand-relevant dialogue is shared between users and not reflected in analytics. Develop a pathway into Dark Social to get insights leading to a competitive edge. Evaluate existing and new tools to measure Dark Social and a process to apply them; convert Dark Social into standard digital/market intelligence.

Website Analytics Management Improvement

Analytics abound; brand teams, sales units, market researchers and digital agencies are awash in reporting. Sharing more data doesn’t mean digital insights are commensurately better. Prioritize improvement of what is most useful and what new data is needed with distinct planning and goals. Reduce redundancies, streamline analytics, reduce costs; maximize efficient sharing of key details.

Mobile-Friendly Is The Standard Set By Google

Be all you can be on mobile. Google notes over 54% of its queries are through it. Healthcare is a hothouse for mobile; your mobile presence should be friendly and fortified for consumers, patients, clinicians and other stakeholders. Don’t forget about the onslaught of new offerings; a great example of this for teleconferencing, market research and other uses is the Houseparty app.

ROI and KPIs Of Digita Marketing Define Success Based On Measurement

Budget categories in digital healthcare marketing are complex. There are physician and patient websites, mobile, inbound marketing / lead generation functions, e-commerce platforms, social media sharing initiatives and others. Inevitably, the ROI of each will change. Some need more to increase effectiveness; others diminish no matter how much is allocated to them. Make smart decisions, take action, boost your sales lead generation opportunities and ROI.

Face-To-Face With Strategic Customers

Have a conversation with strategic customers (KOLs, health systems, MCO, PBMs, etc.) based on a formal agenda focused on digital healthcare. Know their thoughts about your digital offerings and how they feel about those of competitors. Learn what their digital challenges are and what digital marketing initiatives they have underway. Assess if your digital marketing is keeping up with the industry.

Always Align With Sales

Determine how aligned digital marketing initiatives are with Sales objectives and company revenue goals. Misalignment will result in disappointing ROI. As healthcare, competitive positions and digital venues rapidly change, it’s easy for Sales and digital marketing initiatives to disconnect. Strengthen the Sales and digital marketing tandem to stay connected with customers, disadvantage competitors and optimize ROI.


The variety of digital marketing, social media and e-commerce options grow. Instagram, Pinterest and others are still largely uncharted waters. Amazon is assertively advancing in healthcare. As your company and digital marketing initiatives pivot based on industry change and competitive measures, reassess options not applicable earlier; explore new ones to connect with established and new customers, outflank rivals.

Decision Time

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