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… Stryker continues to build an impressive portfolio of healthcare products and services …


Stryker climbing the ranks of the Fortune 500

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Wright Medical aligns well with Stryker’s business model and products

Stryker Corporation ( NYSE: SYK ) is acquiring medical product manufacturer Wright Medical for $4 billion. Wright Medical ( NASDAQ: WMGI ) was started in 1950; it manufactures an array of products aligned with orthopedics including fixation and fusion systems designed for ankles, elbows, shoulders, toes and wrists. Wright’s U.S. headquarters is located in Memphis, Tennessee; with Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Middlesex, London, the UK as global enterprise locations. Wright aligns their company based on 4 units:

  • Biologics
  • Foot & Ankle
  • Upper Extremities
  • Wound Care
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… Wright Medical’s global product sales are approximately 75% U.S. and 25% international…

Stryker Corporation, founded in 1941 and based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, produces numerous categories of products used throughout the healthcare sector including implants used in joint replacement and trauma medical procedures; surgical equipment and surgical navigation systems; endoscopy and communications systems; patient handling and emergency medical equipment. Stryker also manufactures neurosurgical, neurovascular and spinal devices plus a variety of other healthcare specialty products.

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… Stryker Corporation has steadily transformed its global competitive position through product portfolio expansion …

Stryker is following a consistent acquisition strategy to build its global enterprise

Mergers and acquisitions continue to be a go-to strategy in the medical device and pharmaceutical healthcare industry sectors to catapult growth and reduce costs. Stryker acquired Mobius Imaging and Cardan Robotics in September 2019, for $500 million. Since 2016, Stryker has spent over $12 billion to acquire these and other companies:

  • Arrinex
  • Entellus ( $664 million )
  • Hygia Health Services
  • HyperBranch Medical Technology ( $220 million )
  • Invuity
  • K2M ( $1.4 billion )
  • Mobius ( $500 million )
  • Orthospace ( $220 million )
  • Patient Safety Products
  • Physio Control ( $1.28 billion )
  • SafeAir
  • Sage Products ( $2.8 billion )
  • Scopus
  • TSO3

Stryker is a growing competitor in orthopedics, medical devices, durable medical equipment and other healthcare product sectors

Stryker continues to climb in the Fortune 500; currently ranked at #233 and employs over 36,000 persons. The combination of Stryker’s and Wright’s products will form a robust portfolio of devices, implants, equipment and technology for hospitals, health systems, surgery centers and other medical provider organizations.

Stryker has strategically worked to fortify their existing product groups and enrich their overall portfolio of products to enter into new healthcare markets and medical specialties. Their competitors include:

  • Catalent
  • DJO Global
  • Getinge
  • Hillrom
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Medline
  • Medtronic
  • Smith & Nephew

The two organizations expect to finalize their transaction by mid-2020 pending final approval by each organization and regulatory agencies.

Moving forward, Stryker is gaining commercial strength and respected notoriety

Stryker Corporation is admirably pushing the envelope in its drive for growth. Their net sales in 2018 increased by 9.3% percent to $13.6 billion. They are larger than each of these competitor companies: Catalent, DJO Global, Hillrom and Medline. Debt load is always a concern for companies growing through acquisition. Stryker is well-experienced with executing deals and meticulously choosing optimum additions for the organization. As long as it continues to build sales, grow margin while reducing costs through integration efficiencies and other measures, it will maintain a profitable pace — while staying on the hunt for future strategic buying opportunities.

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