A photo of Sanofi corporate office sign in building atrium
A photo of Sanofi corporate office sign in building atrium
… Sanofi Reportedly Assessing Divestiture Options For Consumer Healthcare Unit …


Revenue from the possible spinoff, joint venture or outright sale of would reduce $28 billion debt load

Pivotal Elements:

Sanofi’s consumer healthcare unit is a global enterprise that generates about $5 billion in annual sales

Senior leadership implies it is seeking to better focus its global operations through deploying its clinical and financial resources into advanced life sciences

The company’s debt load of $28 billion is manageable but to improve earnings and better position the company for additional acquisitions in the future a spinoff or partial sale of non-pivotal assets is a strategic move

There is speculation in the investor, healthcare and consumer product business communities that Sanofi may form up its consumer healthcare products business unit as a separate spinoff, enjoin it through a partnership with another organization or sell it outright to another company.

Sanofi Consumer Products Division Has Global Consumer Markets Reach

  • Allegra
  • Aspercreme
  • Cortizone-10
  • Dulcolax
  • Gold Bond
  • IcyHot
  • Kaopectate
  • Nasacort
  • Rolaids
  • Selsun blue
  • Unisom
  • Xyzal
  • Zantac

Based on its $5 billion annual sales and brand franchises’ worth along with associated assets and liabilities, it is estimated Sanofi’s consumer healthcare business unit could be valued as high as just over $30 billion as a standalone company. Spinning the consumer health products unit off or engaging in a partnership with another company could reduce costs and free up cash for Sanofi to invest in other parts of its organization or service debt.

Sanofi Multinational Corporate Structure

  • General Medicines and Emerging Markets
  • Specialty Care ( Sanofi Genzyme )
  • Vaccines ( Sanofi Pasteur )
  • Consumer
  • Diabetes & Cardiovascular

Sanofi Reinvesting In Existing Pharmaceutical Business Or Engineering Other Healthcare Acquisitions

  • Lantus / insulin glargine ( diabetes care/endocrinology )
  • Aubagio / terifluonide ( multiple sclerosis/neurology )
  • Lovenox / enoxaparin sodium ( anticoagulant/cardiology )
  • Plavix / clopidogrel ( coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease/cardiology )
  • Toujeo / insulin glargine ( diabetes care/endocrinology )

Sanofi’s Significant Debt Load May Need More Attention

Sanofi Well Experienced In Large Scale Acquisitions And Divestitures

  • 2018: Ablynx, a nano antibody biotech company, is acquired by Sanofi for $4.8 billion
  • 2018: Bioverativ, a hemophilia drug developer, is bought by Sanofi for $11.6 billion
  • 2018: Sanofi sells its generic drug unit Zentiva to private equity concern Advent International for $2.2 billion
  • 2011: Sanofi acquires biotech leader Genzyme for $20 billion

Sanofi’s Partial Or Complete Consumer Unit Divestiture Options

Moving Forward, Sanofi Competitors, Suitors And Other Stakeholders Have Much To Speculate On

Sanofi photo was taken by Christian Hartmann of Reuters ( Paris, France )

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