Pinterest is an effective resource for healthcare marketing
Pinterest is an effective resource for healthcare marketing
Pinterest: A Venue For Successful Healthcare Marketing Initiatives

Pinterest Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Like Amazon, Pinterest Has The Potential For New And Effective Healthcare Marketing And Sales Initiatives…

It seems every company is trying to find a way to “Amazon” their sales initiatives to reach more customers, promote product, establish social media presence and provide immediate access to generate a sale

Pinterest has proven potential to deliver effective healthcare marketing results

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Basic Features Of Pinterest For Multiple Healthcare Audiences

There are about 36 content categories including “health & wellness”, “products” and “shop” for users to choose from. Depending on primary categories or searches, multiple sub-categories to choose from may appear via tool bar. Content can be uploaded by users from other websites with “pinnable” content and shared on the Pinterest platform; users can create and upload their own pinnable content, too. Within Pinterest’s content, there is a strong emphasis on imagery, photography and graphics.

…Pinterest users have learned to share and love doing it — there are over 50 billion pins across more than 1 billion boards…

Pinterest has diverse and growing content appeal for a variety of medical, wellness and other healthcare audience groups
Pinterest has diverse and growing content appeal for a variety of medical, wellness and other healthcare audience groups

Attributes Of The Rapidly Evolving Pinterest Audience

Ongoing market research shows Pinterest has over 100 million active global users. 34% of Pinterest users have an annual income of over $75,000. About 31% of online adults use Pinterest; most are women. About 44% of online women use it, compared to 16% of online men — although the male audience is growing substantially. 90% of the pins on Pinterest are done by women.

…A healthcare marketing note concerning the Pinterest audience and demographics: women are greater consumers of healthcare and make about 80 percent of health care decisions in households…

For Healthcare Providers And Healthcare Businesses, Pinterest Is Commercial And Social Friendly…

Brand marketing is welcomed by Pinterest users! 75% of all content pinners save comes from businesses; this is a solid opportunity to promote brands, products and services where they are actively searched for and information about them is collected. It provides an open forum for communication and promotion via copy, images, infographs and other messaging. There is the distinct advantage of users being able to collect (pin) content and save it in their own self-styled category files (boards) for future reference, comparative assessment, etc. Pinterest is a platform for active and passive promotion, having active marketing engagement via Pinterest can build company/brand awareness, social media presence and with the right arrangements, generate sales.

…Pinterest Is A Social Shopping And Technical Selling Experience…

Organizational And Commercial Developments Are Growing Pinterest’s Abilities To Widen Its Usefulness

Pinterest is well aware of its uniqueness and ability to be a highly effective marketing and sales entity. In the last 18 months, Pinterest has assertively demonstrated its intent to grow well beyond the image collector’s paradise of social sharing, wish listing and quaint shopping experiences. They have hired their first diversity officer as well as a vice president of sales who hails from Google. Pinterest has acquired two companies, The Hunt and Pext, to improve their ability to show relevant pins to viewers and boost mobile shopping. They recognize the importance of IT infrastructure and are working with three new e-commerce platforms: IBM Commerce, Magento and Bigcommerce.

Pinterest has unique attributes for clinical, business and consumer healthcare marketing
Pinterest has unique attributes for clinical, business and consumer healthcare marketing

Strategic Considerations For Healthcare Marketers Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a way to augment existing brand initiatives and cultivate new sales. For now, women and millennials are key consumer/patient segments — the “low hanging fruit” easily targeted via Pinterest. There is distinct content and boards relevant to healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians easily found throughout Pinterest; the same goes for consumers / patients. This includes information about diseases, treatments, wellness and other health-related topics.

…Based on information from Pinterest, 45% of people on Pinterest use the app while watching TV…

Pinterest lends itself to developing and accelerating trends due to the great degree of connectivity and sharing. Marketers and consumers can use it to identify new trends while fluidly adding more content and exchanging it. Active monitoring and competitive assessment can take place through identifying content sharing volume, studying certain popular boards and noticing high profile brand initiatives. Content getting the most pins or likes are indicators of interest/popularity and serve as direct or indirect lead generation assets.

Developing An Effective Healthcare Marketing Plan For Using Pinterest

Healthcare marketers need to equally understand Pinterest’s user/consumer and commercial business account functions first. Based on these capabilities, they can assess what company/brand objectives can be best served by Pinterest; i.e. will Pinterest initiatives focus on establishing a corporate presence, brand presence, disease awareness, direct or indirect sales actions? Will the content placed on Pinterest be for consumer, patient, clinician, payer or other audiences? How can the impact on sales overall be quantified / qualified?

A defined strategy is necessary to establish objectives, determine the content marketing approach, know what is required to manage/monitor the content, frame a budget and implement a pilot initiative within the context of clinical or commercial healthcare audience KPIs

Healthcare marketers can assess content in their existing commercial websites; determine what lends itself most to being pinnable content or what may need to be re-created as pinnable content. It needs to be mentioned Pinnable website content needs to be chosen carefully as, of course, Medical/Regulatory considerations apply. High-quality imagery is key; most Pinterest content utilizes excellent copy layout, photography, graphics and infographic-style presentations. The Pinterest content of competitors, other healthcare product manufacturers or service providers can provide insight. Given some of the unique presentation formats featured in much of Pinterest content, there is good potential to go in a reverse direction after developing content for Pinterest and redevelop existing information in company websites and communications.

Getting Started With Pinterest As An Effective Healthcare Marketing Venue

Depending on marketing / sales objectives, the nature of the product or service involved and budget/IT resources, there are numerous options to consider in getting your Pinterest initiatives underway. These may include brand or disease awareness, wellness content, targeted promotions driving direct / indirect sales or lead generation, investor presentations, professional publications, corporate communications.

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