Mobilize Your Mobile Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing and social media strategy need to account for the mobile technology customers use daily

Mobilize Healthcare Marketing And Sales ROI…

Start 3ith Regulatory, Legal, IT to align your mobile marketing enhancements

KPIs, Goals and Objectives must be defined not only for overall digital marketing standards but specifically mobile as well

Define, target and embrace the necessary features to optimize mobile attributes

Critically assess your website and its alignment with mobile

Consult customers about their use of mobile

Use competitor mobile marketing initiatives as part of your R&D

Evaluate mobile marketing initiatives in other industries

Interactive calls to action help complete your connection to your targeted mobile customer audience

To app or not to app; when is a custom app an asset and when is it clutter and overkill which mobile customers ignore?

Mobile-friendly email marketing

SMS/MMS text subscription options

Video booming in popularity on mobile venues

Voice is coming on strong and will soon be a staple part of mobile engagement

Technical Alignment

Be certain your mobile strategy delivers what it promises as it shares its portion of resources to build revenue and earn its ROI

Continually evaluate and refine

Don’t stand still, mobile will continue its growth as a strategic customer engagement venue

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