Intellia Therapeutics is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts
… Intellia Therapeutics is taking charge of advanced genetics …

Intellia Therapeutics Success In Gene Therapy Leaps Ahead

New partnership with Regeneron yields promising results

Intellia Therapeutics (NASDAQ: NTLA) and its strategic partner Regeneron are on to something big in gene therapy and anticipation is building for future breakthroughs.

Intellia Therapeutics headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ex vivo versus in vivo: Intellia has both capabilities

In a recent clinical trial, Intellia administered gene therapy NTLA-2001 in vivo to a patient and achieved positive outcomes. The in vivo approach is notably different than others.

Gene therapy has many promising uses but few solutions

There are many disease candidates for which gene therapy could be an effective answer but it still needs to advance itself scientifically and clinically.

Regeneron — NASDAQ: REGN - is based in Tarrytown, New York
Regeneron — NASDAQ: REGN - is based in Tarrytown, New York

Regeneron and Intellia Therapeutics join forces

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Intellia is collaborating with Regeneron, another advanced biotherapy innovator, on the gene therapy development initiatives. Regeneron (NASDAQ: REGN) is based in Tarrytown, New York and was started in 1988.

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