Healthcare Brand And Digital Marketing Organizational Effectiveness: Put Five Ducks In A Row — John G. Baresky

Healthcare digital marketing requires organizations to have their ducks in a row when it comes to strategy
Healthcare digital marketing requires organizations to have their ducks in a row when it comes to strategy
5 Organizational Aspects Of Effective Healthcare Brand And Digital Marketing

Organize, Strategize, Optimize Digital Marketing Efforts To Increase Effectiveness And Sales…

Digital marketing initiatives are a mainstay in healthcare industry commercial organizations and sales generation activities. On the surface, they are aesthetically engaging and smoothly functional. Underneath, there is a wide array of organizational, financial and technical resources paddling furiously to develop and deploy them. How well business units collaborate, share assets, define objectives and understand the customer journey before digitalization of business cases occur can make a tremendous difference in the customer experience, a company’s competitive advantage, sales performance and ROI.

…Based on survey data from Adobe, 41% of senior digital marketers believe their departments don’t interface well with other departments; only 65% believe they are fully proficient in their functions and 55% admit they are struggling to keep up with ongoing digital trends…

By putting their ducks in a row first, organizations have the long term fundamentals aligned to develop and launch deeply successful healthcare digital marketing / sales initiatives despite ever-changing marketplace undercurrents.

Leadership Commitment Is Essential To Maintain Digital Marketing Momentum

Effective Customer Connection Is A Pivotal Goal Of Digital Marketing To Generate Revenue

…A Marketo study found marketers focus on an average of six different channels to attract customers, conversely; consumers typically use just two channels for building a brand connection and business customers typically use only four channels…

Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing And Sales Alignment Deliver Optimum Results

…A study from Econsultancy, in collaboration with IBM Marketing cloud, found marketers don’t pay enough attention to measuring cross-channel data; 51 percent of client-side respondents did not have right the metrics system in place between different online channels…

Technical Resources To Support Digital Marketing

Partnership With Sales Teams And Company Sales Strategy

Effective Healthcare Brand And Digital Marketing Swim Upstream And Downstream

…According to Oracle, the most successful organizations have established ongoing meetings, metrics with marketing and sales that assess the whole customer experience from the first touch to final sale; they adjust their methods / strategies as they identify the best practices that lead to a close…

Strategically developed and deployed healthcare digital marketing initiatives can assertively generate sales despite the undercurrents of changing customer journeys, competitive threats, technological and marketplace changes. Uncoordinated efforts deplete resources, obstruct organizational focus and degrade the customer experience. By strategically aligning and managing organizational ducks in advance; companies avoid swimming in circles while maximizing customer experience, sales performance and ROI.

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