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… Healthcare systems are strategically enriching their digital doorstep for consumers and patients …

Health System Marketing For The New Normal

Healthcare provider organizations are retooling competitive digital strategies as they battle COVID-19

John G. Baresky

A consumer-focused digital doorstep

To increase access to information and lower costs, healthcare systems are improving the usability of their websites. Consumers and patients easily navigate them and avoid having to call to get answers to their questions.

Refreshed, relevant content

Healthcare systems are becoming more proficient in updating their content and improving its value. Content management and dynamic content creation are leading priorities to attract and retain patients — as well as new medical and administrative staff in a tight healthcare labor market!

SEO is integrated throughout the design of the website and its contents

Unless a patient is very remotely located or their care needs are exquisitely unique, healthcare is largely something consumers and patients access locally.

As healthcare systems get larger, they are investing more in their digital marketing strategies
As healthcare systems get larger, they are investing more in their digital marketing strategies

Strategic digital advertising and marketing campaigns centered on medical specialties as well as achievements and awards

Healthcare systems are making it known to the area they serve when they launch or enrich a particular healthcare service such as optimizing telehealth or fortifying medical specialties with new staff, technology or other resources. Their digital marketing and promotional campaign strategies are planned and deployed more effectively.

Digitally, clinically and commercially competing with other community healthcare provider organizations

More than ever, large medical groups, hospitals and healthcare systems are competitively evaluating other patient care providers in their surrounding area. This includes website surveillance, selection of patient services plus top medical and administrative staff additions or exits.

Moving forward into the new normal

Health systems are looking forward to fully deploying the 5 strategies and tactics above without the harmful and costly interference of a prolonged pandemic.

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