GO GOOGLE: Google Joins Forces With The Healthcare Industry In The Battle Against Breast Cancer — John G. Baresky

Google applies its technology to breast cancer research and diagnosis
Google Applying Its Super Powers In Breast Cancer Diagnosis

For the 4,600 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients per state each year; Google is harnessing its analytic greatness to help them

John G. Baresky

Google On The Move In Oncology

Google ( NASDAQ: GOOGL )is deploying its artificial intelligence capabilities and data analytic resources in the fight against breast cancer. Through using artificial intelligence ( AI ) concept known as “Deep Learning”, Google has been applying its superpowers to diagnose cancer cells.

Google, Healthcare Academics And Artificial Intelligence Research

Early in 2017, information about Google analyzing cancer cells was released. It is a great example of high and wide technology used in drill down focus through an artificial intelligence application. Patient biopsy cells are reviewed via slides provided by a Dutch healthcare teaching institute, Radboud University Medical Center, located in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

A Resource To Help With Diagnosis Decisions

This highly specialized, advanced use of technology is deliberately sensitive; different variables can trigger results that may or may not be cancerous. It is a support tool pathologists can use to help in the process of diagnosis.

Transferrable Knowledge

Based on this initiative, other applications in oncology and other deep cellular healthcare treatment challenges can be developed. Early and accurate diagnosis is paramount; visualizing how suspect cells form up at an early stage leads to significant treatment advantages.

Google In Action

Moving forward, the Google team, its technical resources and academic / clinician partners will sharpen the capabilities of the application. In the United States, about 230,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed annually. Do the math — that breaks down to 4,600 new breast cancer patients per state each year.

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