Google: A Thinking Force In Healthcare

John G. Baresky

Google is investing heavily in the healthcare sector
Google is investing heavily in the healthcare sector
…Google’s Clinical And Commercial Healthcare Initiatives Are Growing…

Google’s analytic, deep thinking attributes are tackling the clinical, financial and technical challenges of healthcare

According to popular media and assorted speculators, Amazon is the most formidable giant about to disrupt the healthcare industry. Amazon has established more than a toehold in healthcare easily confirmed by searching its ranks of over-the-counter medicines, medical supplies (bandages, disinfectants, gauze, gowns, linens, masks, gloves), medical devices (blood pressure cuffs, hand-held instruments, IV sets / disposables, otoscopes, stethoscopes) and basic office fixtures / supplies (stools, cabinets, paper goods, computer products) — even hospital beds. Their rumored plans to scale up in the prescription drug and / or medical device categories are sending waves of positive and negative anticipation across the industry.

Google’s parent company is vacuuming up top talent in health care and biotech according to CNBC

“Google has a handful of other products designed for professionals working in the life sciences ad and healthcare industries”

Many healthcare industry stakeholders are now realizing the enormous clinical, financial and technical attributes Google ( NASDAQ: GOOGL ) possesses and has been assertively applying for widespread impact across an array of healthcare sectors. The superpowers of Google have ample presence and growth potential in healthcare. Their actions and progress don’t often make front-page news as they are far more advanced than everyday consumer interests. Google is managing deeply complex volumes of big data for decision-makers in clinicians (nurses, doctors, pharmacists), healthcare administration, medical research, risk management, payer and other sectors. The choices these stakeholders make based on Google’s involvement as an analytic / data management resource have an enormous impact.

Business Insider says, “The venture capital arm of Google’s parent company is betting its billions on life-enhancing healthcare startups”

“Google announced strategic partnerships with a number of IT companies in the healthcare space. The partnerships each leverage the firm’s cloud computing platform, Google Cloud, to give medical providers access to improved radiology workflows, lower costs and advanced imaging analytics with machine learning”

In addition to data, Google is involved with healthcare device development, IoT, telehealth and other initiatives. Their internal and external healthcare ventures and partnerships demonstrate Google’s near and long term commitment to being a healthcare technology leader and a true disrupter. From the looks of things, Google is just getting started.

Investments Google is making in healthcare demonstrate its intentions to make it an important part of its corporate strategy.
Investments Google is making in healthcare demonstrate its intentions to make it an important part of its corporate strategy.
The power of Google in Healthcare!

A sample of Google’s healthcare positions

Google Healthcare

Heavily focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to support clinicians across a variety of diseases, health conditions and patient types; it collaborates with various healthcare entities including the University of Chicago Medicine, University of California San Francisco, Stanford University

Verily Life Sciences

A business unit of Alphabet (Google’s overarching corporate entity) dedicated to healthcare and prevention, detection and management of diseases

Calico (California Life Company)

Concentrates on challenges of aging and helping people lead longer, healthier lives while generating greater insights on biological factors and aging processes

Google Fit

App development focused on healthcare aligning with consumer / patient care to monitor vital signs, exercise levels via Google Wear wearables, tablets and android devices

Google Cloud (four units with healthcare ties):

1) Apigee

Provides API management, predictive analytics software (acquired by Google for $625 million in 2016)

2) G Suite for HIPAA compliant workloads

3) Google Cloud Platform for HIPAA compliant workloads

4) Google Genomics manages global genomic data for healthcare / life sciences organizations

…Large tech companies committed as much as $30 billion into artificial intelligence in 2016 — plus another $9 billion going into artificial intelligence start-ups according to the McKinsey Global Institute…

Google Search

The original search engine which put Google on the map, changing the face of basic web search with its amazing accuracy — upon which 1 of every 20 searches is related to healthcare


Physician interaction / communication using GoogleGlass


Wearable health technologies


Biophysical marker technologies


A diabetes management company supported by Verily with a collaboration underway with Blue Cross Blue Shield

Based on Digital Journal’s insights, Google’s strong intentions towards healthcare artificial intelligence has been through its new accelerator program

There are plenty of other healthcare initiatives Google / Alphabet has underway. Internet of Things (IoT), telemedicine, mobile, medtech, clinical data analysis and other digital / IT-based healthcare interests are ideally suited for Google resources and vice versa. The variety of Google’s deployment in healthcare demonstrates their willingness to invest in learning more about it, greatly improve existing options or develop something entirely new and better to establish their position and generate sales.

For organizations looking for better resources, partnerships, products and services Google’s healthcare initiatives are positive news — and unsettling to competitors that have not been innovative. While it is easy to be swept away by Amazon’s healthcare media tide, companies like Google and its associated Alphabet, Verily and other corporate entities are forging ahead on groundbreaking strategic healthcare quests. Moving forward, through organic development, acquisitions and partnerships, Google / Alphabet has significant ongoing options to deepen its healthcare presence and generate more sales.

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