Cosela (trilaciclib) is a new FDA-approved oncology therapy manufactured by G1 Therapeutics
… New G1 Therapy Cosela (trilaciclib) is an important new therapy for oncology …

G1 Therapeutics’ Cosela (trilaciclib) Earns FDA Oncology Approval

New oncology therapy indicated for use in the treatment of small cell lung cancer

Cosela is a unique and advanced cancer therapy

Cosela trilaciclib is an important new drug to help minimize the impact of chemotherapy side effects on cancer patients
… Cosela is a new therapy that will be valued by cancer patients and oncologists …

Chemotherapy can have harmful side-effects that Cosela may help prevent in some patients

G1 Therapeutics is partnering with Boehringer Ingelheim to fully commercialize Cosela and propel its market access

G1 Therapeutics has further cancer therapy innovations underway

Lerociclib is a G1 Therapeutics product licensed to other biotech companies

G1 Therapeutics is a compact and innovative biopharmaceutical enterprise



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