Image of vaping products and e-cigarettes
Image of vaping products and e-cigarettes
… Ecigarette and vaping = EVALI …


CDC defines e-cigarette and vaping respiratory illness as death toll climbs and national healthcare crisis unfolds

CDC, FDA and the American Medical Community Are Taking Action: The “EVALI” Crisis

Status of EVALI in the United States:

Flu Season and Measles Outbreaks:

Payers are concerned about EVALI:

Moving forward, EVALI is a significant challenge for patients, healthcare providers and payers

In an era of wellness, rising healthcare costs and tobacco avoidance, it is time for the CDC, FDA, DEA, FTC, NIH and legislators to seize the moment and assertively move forward with action to support consumers, the medical community and professional health association stakeholders to resolve the EVALI crisis.

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