DNAnexus Investor Gene Pool Includes Google And Microsoft

… High Tech Leaders Plunging Into Precision Medicine …

… Google and Microsoft are both investors in DNAnexus, a high profile precision medicine start-up …

“The next wave of biomedical insights is coming from cross-institutional collaborations that produce rapidly increasing amounts of multi-omics data” DNANexus CEO Richard Daly

DNAnexus is a cloud-based genome informatics & data management platform company and a leader in biomedical informatics. Its latest round of funding totaled approximately $58 million. They will apply the monies towards precision medicine and genomic data management solutions for clinical trials. Based in Mountain View, California, they have created a global network for genomics and other biomedical data with a presence in Africa, Asia-Pacific (including China), Europe, North America and South America.

Its scalable and secure platform supports thousands of researchers across an array of sectors including bio-agriculture, biopharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics, government, research consortiums and sequencing services. Besides Google and Microsoft, other investors involved with DNAnexus include Claremont Creek Ventures, Foresite Capital, MidCap Financial, TPG Biotech and WuXi NextCODE. Claremont, Foresite and TPG specialize in healthcare venture capital; Midcap is a venture capital firm investing in and outside of healthcare while WuXi NextCODE is a China-based genomic information company.

“As the volume of biomedical information continues to increase, the DNAnexus platform and upcoming product releases catalyze collaboration, data sharing and machine learning on which the development of precision medicine depends,” Foresite founder and CEO Jim Tananbaum

… Precision medicine is a technically advanced, patient-centric approach to healthcare …

Precision medicine combines an assortment of variables such as genes, environment and lifestyle to align diagnosis and treatment of diseases — as well as prevention steps. Clinicians and payers are attracted to the focused metrics it provides by its sorting of enormously complex clusters of data and associated patient care details. Physicians are able to provide more accurate care to specific patient types based on their insights. Payers like the “dialed-in”, data-supported aspect of better diagnosis / treatment paths although precision medicine is not an inexpensive process.

… Google, Microsoft and other “non-healthcare” tech companies are increasingly attracted to the precision medicine sector …

Google ( NASDAQ: GOOGL ) and Microsoft ( NASDAQ: MSFT ) have invested in start-up interests, developed innovative solutions and assembled partnerships centered on precision medicine and other data-demanding, health innovation ventures. The technical approaches and high-end analytics are an ideal fit for the critical thinking data management resources each company has. The funding Google and Microsoft provide DNAnexus won’t crimp their checkbooks and the potential ROI is worth their investment in terms of long term sales potential.

… Healthcare is intrinsically awash in data and analytics; there exists an overwhelming need to assertively harness the data from the past, present and into the future to convert it from accumulated statistics into actionable knowledge …

Healthcare is a solid opportunity for Google and Microsoft to readily deploy their attributes and resources in such a way they apply their core expertise, diversify their business reach and generate ROI-effective sales without sacrificing focus. Google and its Verily unit are assertively pursuing a number of advanced healthcare endeavors as is Microsoft; for example, both Google and Microsoft have oncology-related ventures underway.

… As for the worldwide precision medicine market, the clinical anticipation and investor runways are long …

Based on data from Market Research Future, it is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12%; the outlook is for it to reach $88.6 billion by 2022, originating from $38.9 billion in 2015. For DNAnexus and its leading competitors, including Bina Technologies, CLC Bio, Complete Genomics, Knome and SolveBio; there will be plenty of interest and funding from non-healthcare and healthcare investor interests alike in the upcoming years to accelerate and enhance precision medicine business opportunities.

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