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… E-cigarettes and vaping product manufacturers are under siege …


John G. Baresky

In an era of wellness, healthcare costs, tobacco avoidance and pharmaceutical medical device regulation; how did e-cigarettes and vaping products avoid more medical scrutiny until now?

JUUL CEO resigns amidst growing healthcare concerns about its vaping products and marketing practices

Altria has invested billions in the e-cigarette and vaping market sector

Further pressures are impacting the company. Based in San Francisco, California, JUUL has announced it will end all broadcast, print and digital product promotion in the United States for the immediate future.

Broadcaster companies across network, cable and streaming venues are taking action against the e-cigarette and vaping manufacturers

Government healthcare regulators are realizing the risks of vaping and e-cigarette use

Mystery respiratory illness resulting in deaths is drawing increasing attention to the harmful side effects of vaping and e-cigarettes

An estimated 1 out of 4 high school students have tried a vaping product. The e-cigarette industry has seriously set back decades of hard-fought success by the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and American Lung Association to dissuade youth as well as adult populations from smoking and to avoid tobacco products altogether.

An FDA probe is underway of the e-cigarette and vaping industry

Looking ahead, it’s clear healthcare providers, consumers, patients and government healthcare leaders want to know more about the potential dangers of e-cigarettes and vaping immediately

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