Celebrating A Strong Pulse On Its 200th Birthday-The Stethoscope!

“Light The Candles And Let’s Get On With This!”

John G. Baresky

Happy Birthday!

A stethoscope is on-the-go, standard-issue equipment in healthcare. Doctors, nurses, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, paramedics and other healthcare professionals have them perched around their necks, slung over shoulders, holstered in pockets or coiled in bags and medical chests. Stethoscopes go to war and are used by medics at the front lines to treat the wounded. In university healthcare and other large medical complex settings, you will frequently see them adorn the interior rearview mirrors of cars.

The Stethoscope’s Diverse Career Path…

A Swiss Army Knife Of Healthcare Instruments: The Stethoscope…

The stethoscope is non-invasive, enabling clinicians to “see inside the body by hearing” and is far less complex than an X-ray or imaging unit. For added versatility, some stethoscopes have twin sides, a flat side is known as the “diaphragm” and a cone-shaped side called the “bell”. The diaphragm is best for higher-pitched sounds of breathing and normal heart functions. The bell is usually used for lower pitch sound in detecting heart murmurs or sounds from the bowels. Clinicians are trained in specific ways to hold/apply a stethoscope depending on the side being used and what is being assessed with the instrument. Stethoscope owners choose their instruments primarily based on the patient types they will be working with and comfort/ease of use. They “get to know” their equipment and are familiar with the nuances of using them to get the best performance.

Basic stethoscope designs are configured according to their heads and tubing:

  • Single-head and single tube
  • Dual-head and dual tube (Rappaport-Sprague)
  • Dual-head and single tube
  • Multi-function head

Not Just A Bundle Of Metal And Plastics; Stethoscopes Are Coveted By Their Owners

A Change Agent Despite Its Age, The Stethoscope Continues Its Transformation

Stethoscopes are manufactured by a variety of producers including American Diagnostic Corporation, Cardionics, Heine Optotechnik, Littmann, Omron and Welch Allyn. Like so many premium goods, there are even unauthorized “counterfeits” of some stethoscope models. While the Littmann Classic III is a very popular instrument widely used in a variety of care settings, there is not a universal stethoscope for all medical purposes. No matter the brand, the stethoscope is a universal symbol of healthcare widely used by marketers, health insurers, medical practices, hospitals and other entities. A quick overview of various types of stethoscopes includes:

  • Acoustic (the “stereotypical”) stethoscope
  • Doppler (think “ultrasound”)
  • Electronic
  • Fetal
  • Recording
  • Veterinarian

An Economic, Seasoned Veteran And High Tech Hipster; The Stethoscope’s Use And Go-To Attributes Endear It To Old Guard And Future Clinicians

Recording and electronic stethoscopes can be calibrated to zero in on specific sounds/rhythms. Some have data storage and transmission capabilities including Bluetooth and other means to transmit readings remotely; combining the attributes of the Internet of Things (IoT) and telehealth. This technology enables clinicians to truly tune in to what is going on within the patient plus make greater use of data by storing it for comparative purposes in evaluating a patient’s ongoing condition and sharing it with other clinicians. The recordings can also be used to educate clinicians in training. At 200 years of age the stethoscope is a seasoned veteran and high tech hipster able to meet the needs of baby boomers, generation-Xers, millennials and other generations of clinicians and patients.

Express Your Appreciation, Who Knows How Many Nurses, Doctors And Other Medical Professionals Were Enticed Into Their Healthcare Careers Early In Life Thanks To A Toy Stethoscope

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