Catalysts Propelling Healthcare Industry Change 2018

2018 promises to be a year of highly energized growth and competition throughout the healthcare industry
…Marketplace Catalysts Driving Healthcare Industry Change…

Digitalization, Consolidation, Private Equity, Business Model Hybridization, Audience Migration, Amazon, Google, Apple

Widespread Digitalization / Data Technology Investment

“Healthcare data comes in many forms, from post-visit feedback surveys to numbers of what days and times are the busiest so clinics can properly staff their offices. Data can predict when a patient will get sick so that preventative action can be taken, create personalized healthcare plans, and potentially limit the spread of diseases before they grow out of control”

Data management in healthcare is a difference-maker to better manage organizational growth and outperform competitors

Audience migration: broadcast vs. digital venues in healthcare audiences

The new sources of quality content and distribution venues are being embraced by a growing variety of audience members

Reach and frequency factors still apply; advertisers / marketers can’t afford to spread themselves too thin. The grim reality is they can’t be everywhere at once and will prioritize spend accordingly. Digital offers a series of ways to accurately and quickly assess true audience engagement. Mobile via smartphone or tablet provides technically reliable, easy access to content for viewers on the go. Broadcast venues will need to re-justify themselves, (perhaps through price concessions?!) or risk having healthcare advertisers / marketers allocate even more resources and funding in favor of digital. The broadcast vs. digital forum will see sharper, distinct decisions unfold as digital accelerates fundamental changes in the way providers, payers, service companies, manufacturers, consumers and patients communicate with each other and marketing / sales strategies align with these changes.

Consolidation momentum in multiple sectors of healthcare create churn, competition and new opportunities

Private equity stalking larger prey in the healthcare sector

Healthcare business model hybridization strategies are emerging more

“Both the health insurance and the hospital business are being reshaped by M&A”

The FTC and other government regulators frowned upon the mega-billion Anthem / Cigna and Aetna / Humana mergers and derailed the Walgreens / Rite Aid / Fred’s deal (forcing Walgreens to acquire a lesser number of Rite Aid stores and left Fred’s out in the cold without it gaining any Rite Aid units). This sets the stage for companies risk-averse to antitrust scrutiny to consider an alternative to competitive consolidation — yet still apply assertive merger & acquisition strategies. Business model diversification through acquisition will have increasingly popular acceptance in creating innovative and competitive organizational combinations accompanied by intricate integration challenges.

The Amazon factor is being weighed by many healthcare industry stakeholders

“Amazon is casting a long shadow over the health-care industry; the prospect of the giant Internet retailer entering the business is beginning to cause far-reaching reverberations for a range of companies, roiling the shares of drugstore chains, drug distributors and pharmacy-benefit managers, and potentially precipitating one of the biggest corporate merger deals this year”

Either way, a variety of pharmacy and managed care partnerships (UHC / IngenioRx, Walgreens / Prime Therapeutics) have gotten underway plus the pending CVS acquisition of Aetna demonstrates retailers assertively solidifying market access strategies with payers — something Amazon has not yet demonstrated. Amazon will soon take the next big steps in its healthcare initiatives and generate a ripple effect of competitive responses — perhaps this will trigger Walmart to reveal its hidden healthcare / pharmacy strategy to assert itself against Amazon as well as CVS and Walgreens.

Google and Apple accelerate the pursuit of consumer / patient sector

Healthcare’s inertia for change and improvement will be driven by clinicians supported by better technology

Combined with the above factors, the stage is set for another “traditional” year of the new and unexpected in the healthcare industry. Those companies which more quickly recognize opportunities based on these changes will have the advantage in their marketing / sales initiatives and revenue goal achievement.

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