Blue Cross Blue Shield Report Indicates Diabetes Is A Widening Healthcare Issue With Millennials

John G. Baresky

…A recently released BCBS report focused on diabetes care further defines the reach and associated issues of diabetes; its results were especially concerning as it confirms a higher prevalence of the disease in a younger population segment…

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index…

The BCBS Health Index monitors over 200 conditions; diabetes ranks third based on impact in the quality of life and cost for commercially insured persons. Its scope has an even wider impact as hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol typically accompany it. Diabetes is frequently coupled with obesity (presence in over 50% of diabetics), hypertension (presence in over 90% of diabetics) and high cholesterol (presence in over 80% of diabetics) as comorbidities. Diabetes outweighs other prominent healthcare issues like COPD, heart disease and substance abuse in terms of care, cost and prevalence.

Millennials Defined…

Millennials (defined in the report as persons 18–34 years of age) have a high incidence of diabetes and it is rapidly growing within their age band. This also correlates to statistics from the CDC showing teenage obesity rates climbed over 30% between 2001 and 2015. Within the roughly 9.3% of the commercially insured population having diabetes, the 18–34 age band has a substantially steep growth trajectory.

The report also conveyed details about the regional displacement of diabetes. The Southeast and Central South have about a 50% higher rate of incidence than the national average. Conversely, the Mountain regions and New England have considerably lower rates. Diabetes presents an immediate health risk and its consequences become more serious as patients diagnosed with it age.

…According to the International Diabetes Foundation ( IDF ), by 2040, the number of adults with diabetes is expected to reach 642 million, about 10% of the world’s adult population…

Blue Cross Blue Shield logo is displayed
Blue Cross Blue Shield logo is displayed

Better Outcomes With Better Insights…

…Through awareness, education and technology, healthcare advocates and diabetes care professionals seek to taper and drive a decline in the diabetes onslaught. Diet and exercise can largely make diabetes an avoidable, not an inevitable, healthcare condition…

While certain aspects of diabetes were not known or fully understood for earlier generations, there is now a great deal of information and clinical expertise that are collective resources. Data compiled by clinicians, BCBS and other insurers, the CDC and the American Diabetes Association continue to measure, profile and provide guidance in the prevention of diabetes so treatment becomes less of a burden and ultimately a diminishing need.

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