AXA and Microsoft developing telehealth services
… AXA goes all-in on telehealth in collaboration with Microsoft …

AXA Chooses Microsoft As Strategic Telehealth Partner

Two global business leaders join forces to launch a large scale virtual health platform

John G. Baresky

Microsoft and AXA are developing a vast telehealth platform

AXA has no small plans for its telehealth initiative. Their collaboration with Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft will result in a robust virtual healthcare service that supports the needs of its diverse global customers.

  • Clinical/medical documentation storage and access
  • Directory of contracted medical professionals
  • Health and wellness risk prevention resources
  • Home healthcare support functionality
  • Medical concierge
  • Population health and clinical research data services

Microsoft is steeply escalating the growth of its healthcare industry business

AXA recognized that Microsoft is relied upon by numerous consumer, business and medical community stakeholders for clinical and commercial healthcare needs. In the last 18 months, Microsoft has multiplied its already vast healthcare resources through several strategic actions.

Microsoft Healthcare Business Unit
Microsoft Healthcare Business Unit

AXA’s healthcare insurance serves a variety of customers

Numerous organizations rely on AXA for their healthcare benefit plans. AXA is well equipped to manage a broad variety of medical risk management. A list of AXA healthcare insurance markets and services includes:

  • Inter-Governmental (IGO) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)
  • International health insurance
  • Short term health insurance
  • Student health insurance

Telehealth is now a standard in the healthcare industry

The combination of the global COVID-19 pandemic and explosive growth of mobile technology innovation has established telehealth as a regular form of healthcare delivery in terms of medical and behavioral consumer wellness needs.

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Authentic, fact-based healthcare content marketing writing for medical, business, academic, patient and consumer audiences

Authentic, fact-based healthcare content marketing writing for medical, business, academic, patient and consumer audiences