Care Hub is an Alexa-based application to help caregivers monitor seniors at home
Care Hub is an Alexa-based application to help caregivers monitor seniors at home
… Amazon Launches New Alexa Healthcare Application …


Applying technology to help senior populations, family members and caregivers

John G. Baresky

Amazon is launching a new Alexa-based healthcare service called “Care Hub”. It was created to help individuals care for aging family members that live apart from them. Care Hub’s features are designed so that caregivers can unobtrusively know their loved one is up and about without having to continually contact them.

Technology-driven peace of mind for users

Through an Alexa Care Hub account, seniors can designate a specific caregiver or family member to have access. The activity of the senior Alexa Care Hub subscriber is subtly monitored by Echo Dot, Echo Flex and Echo Show devices that are placed in their residence. Data generated by this is shared with whomever the senior subscriber has allowed Care Hub access to so they know they are up and about within their residence. The goings-on monitored and reported may include physical movements in the home, lights, television or radio being turned on or off and other indicators depending on what is set up by the senior subscriber and the caregiver.

Care Hub’s marketing plan cultivates Amazon and Alexa customer growth

As part of a brilliant and generous strategy, Amazon does not charge for the use of Alexa Care Hub services. While the senior account holder and/or their designated caregiver with access to Alexa need to purchase the Alexa equipment mentioned above, the Care Hub program only requires registration and setup. This arrangement encourages even wider use of Amazon services by customers in older and younger demographic groups.

Care Hub is equipped with numerous mobile app features

Other Care Hub features enable the senior subscriber to notify their caregiver of an urgent request for help who can then assess the situation and determine the next steps. Through Care Hub’s mobile apps, the caregiver and the senior member can program alerts, reminders and communication shortcuts to further improve their connection. The goal of Care Hub is for senior subscribers to be able to live independently at their residence and provide peace of mind to their caregivers while providing the means for routine monitoring and if necessary emergency communications.

Amazon has big plans for Alexa’s healthcare potential

The combination of advanced technology, rising medical and pharmacy costs, a growing senior population and the COVID-19 pandemic present the ideal business case for Amazon to further build out Alexa’s healthcare capabilities. This includes developing a managed care member benefits application with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (NYSE: ANTM), partnering with Sharecare plus creating advanced voice recognition and telehealth capabilities by acquiring Health Navigator and launching Transcribe Medical.

As Amazon grows its overall healthcare enterprise, they are creating more opportunities to develop and market Alexa-based healthcare services. Their numerous options include alignment with their PillPack online pharmacy business unit, employee health program Amazon Care, COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition membership or their new Halo wearable fitness tracker. Ultimately, these all drive greater connectivity and expansion in the core Amazon e-commerce business model for commercial and consumer customers.

Healthcare as part of the overarching Amazon business model

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) generated over $280 billion in sales during 2019. It has entered numerous established market sectors and successfully disrupted them with new strategies and technologies to provide better value for business and consumer customers. As they continue to establish their presence in the healthcare industry, the Alexa Care Hub service is another example of Amazon precisely sizing up customers' needs to strategically focus resources and innovation to outpace longstanding competitors.

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