Photo image of Abbott Inc. corporate building office sign
Photo image of Abbott Inc. corporate building office sign
… A Successful 20 Year Growth Path at Abbott …


The CEO with a 20-year track record of clinical and commercial success is stepping down

Key Points about the career and success of Miles White:

A strategic succession of executive leadership at Abbott is underway

Miles White: Stanford University and McKinsey alum

Abbott Laboratories, Inc. hires Miles White

Once at the helm of Abbott, Miles moved forward with a series of strategic deals that re-shaped the global pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic healthcare industry sectors…

Abbott acquires Knoll Pharmaceutical from BASF

Abbott spinoff Hospira acquired by Pfizer

Abbott becomes a global leader in diabetes care based on its MediSense diagnostic and blood glucose monitoring acquisition

Kos Pharmaceuticals acquisition and the deal with Boston Scientific to buy Guidant assets

GE and Abbott Diagnostics deal implodes

Advanced Medical Optics acquired by Abbott

Abbott executes Solvay and Piramal acquisitions

At this point in Miles White’s vigorous tenure at Abbott he had completed an array of multi-billion deals that expanded the depth and width of the company’s marketplace and competitive scope; moving forward from 2010 it became clear he was just getting started

Creation of Abbott spinoff AbbVie

Kalo Pharmaceutical and Russian drug company Veropharm acquisitions, Abbott Animal Health sale

Alere and St. Jude Medical acquisitions fortify Abbott’s global healthcare leadership

Abbott sells vision care unit

Miles White and Abbott Moving forward

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