healthcare system digital marketing strategy
… Healthcare systems are strategically enriching their digital doorstep for consumers and patients …

Healthcare provider organizations are retooling competitive digital strategies as they battle COVID-19

Intellia Therapeutics is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts
… Intellia Therapeutics is taking charge of advanced genetics …

New partnership with Regeneron yields promising results

Glaxo is selling off its consumer products business unit as a separate company
… GlaxoSmithKline is selling its consumer products division …

Another global healthcare enterprise opts for the spinoff strategy to generate cash and streamline operations

HCA Healthcare and Google sign patient data analytics deal
… HCA and Google team up in healthcare data deal …

Data-driven patient care reflects healthcare industry trends

Walgreens national COVID-19 vaccination patient survey results
… National Walgreens COVID-19 vaccination patient survey data is positive …

Walgreens continues successful COVID-19 vaccine campaign nationwide

A recent survey of 1,500 patients receiving a COVID-19 vaccination reveals positive mental health benefits

  • 1,500 COVID-19 vaccinated patients…
$20.9 Billion Deal: Thermo Fisher Scientific Buys PPD
… Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires PPD …

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s transformation by acquisition continues

AXA and Microsoft developing telehealth services
… AXA goes all-in on telehealth in collaboration with Microsoft …

Two global business leaders join forces to launch a large scale virtual health platform

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