Contract Research Organizations (CROs) are having a robust 2020
… Contract Research Organizations Embracing New Clinical And Business Opportunities …

2020: A Robust Year For Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

A series of healthcare industry events and trends are reshaping and growing the CRO healthcare industry sector

Higher financial stakes, advanced clinical sciences new corporate strategies

Consolidation across the healthcare industry

Contract research organizations help develop new healthcare products and monitor the performance of existing ones

More complex healthcare products require more research

Post-approval safety monitoring of large scale product use

Healthcare product development and manufacturing strategies have changed

Contract research organizations are spearheading many of the healthcare industry’s latest pharmaceutical breakthroughs

The search for solutions to the global COVID-19 pandemic has embraced the CRO business sector

  • antivirals
  • blood and plasma-based therapies
  • immunizations/vaccines
  • respiratory agents